Orlando Eviction Attorney Ed Meiner, Attorney at Law

Orlando Eviction Attorney, Edward Meiner

Working with a qualified Orlando eviction attorney ensures eviction notices and complaints are legally sufficient and proper.

If an eviction case is dismissed, the prevailing party is entitled to attorney’s fees and the tenant can remain RENT FREE in the property. Do not represent yourself. Retain Orlando eviction attorney Edward Meiner to resolve all your eviction needs and landlord & tenant legal issues.

Property management is a complex business and requires the firm hand, strong rules and collection procedures that a competent Orlando eviction attorney can provide.

Why You Should File Evictions Immediately

Most people see evictions as something that landlords do to be mean or rude. Sadly, trying to avoid this personal perception prevents many landlords from removing problem tenants as quickly as they should. This hesitation often leads to lost revenue … Continue reading

Reasons to Hire Experienced Counsel

Many times clients come to me frustrated because they don’t understand the Florida Landlord and Tenant Laws. “Why,” they ask, “did I try to represent myself in this eviction?” Many times the answer is simple: To save time and money. … Continue reading

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